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Sturgeon Bay, WI

Ambassador Huggins Prophecies

This thing about divers tongues and an interpretation of divers tongues needs to be in the church. It's one of the most powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit. You see, Paul said desire spiritual gifts but rather that you might prophesy. Then he took almost the entire 14th chapter to explain praying in divers tongues and praying with the understanding. Those two put together are the most powerful revelatory gifts and edifying gifts that God has given the church and you are going to pioneer this in Wisconsin and every place you go, that when you're together that gift will flow. Tongues and interpretation of tongues. Don't back away and you don't have to fake it. You just pray in the Spirit before the service and it will come on ya' and you take it. Praise God. And then listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say and obey and you'll have miracles every day in Jesus' name.

The Word and the Spirit is the Word for the hour. Not one without the other but these two combined the way they ought to be combined inside of you. You've had the Word and you've celebrated it for years. And that's good. But now the time for moving in the Spirit is here. And those of you who do will see a transforming at the coming end of the year. 2006 is a year of Holy Spirit visitation that's going to sweep across this nation. But not everyone will participate. Some will come too late, but you who have ears to hear receive this word and say yes and amen. And that's when for you the grace for praying in the Spirit will begin.

(To Pastor Tom)

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