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Chuck Flynn Prophecies #2

For I've truly given you an inheritance. And your inheritance is together, you're joint heirs of my anointing of the graces of life and the ministry and those things that you did for my people and for the call. I will bless you and repay 30, 60, 100 fold for the anointing of my glory. And that which you seemingly left as far as the secular world of endeavor and that which, yea, in a profession, but you've picked up the anointing of my call and I will not allow anything to be robbed from you. You will be blessed mightily and my strength shall go before you for with great wisdom I have sealed you with a prophetic seal in your forehead and my son you shall come forth with a revelation of my power. For you shall be a leader of leaders. I've raised you up with an International zeal to touch my people with great joy and you will bring others that are in a stimey that are in the heat of the day and that are frustrated and weary in well doing in the ministry. But I'm teaching you my ways and you will release many books and also the media will be at your disposal for the peace of the Lord is upon you.

And I will embrace thee my daughter with great wisdom of the kingdom of heaven. And that which you have humbly asked me I will release you in a new dimension of boldness and you will speak and many women shall know the power of my word through thee. For you'll loose many in the baptism of the Holy Ghost and you'll set, yea, the nation free with great joy. And I will send you out and you will return in the power of my Spirit. For the international zeal of the house of the Lord shall bless you mightily to keep a strength and a protector of balance in my people. Amen.

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