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Sturgeon Bay, WI

Dr. Mark Barclay Prophecy

Oh yes, I called you here on purpose, divine absolute decree. It was in my plan and you obeyed me. And I've monitored your sacrifice, I've monitored your faith, I've monitored the words of your lips, both publicly and in private. I've seen how people have treated you, those that have blessed you and believed you and stood with you and I've monitored also those that have lied about you, cheated you and mistrusted you and did not live up to what they said and I tell you, son, tonight you stand in my perfect will. Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, this is your assignment. Other things will be added to it. You'll be running here and running there and saying this and writing that. Soon as the money comes, publications will begin to exist as you pour out on paper what is in your heart. I will bless the flock that rallies round about you to fortify you and to strengthen you for the sake of getting my Word out. Don't you flinch, don't you pull back. This is not a time for you to be timid. Raise your voice in blatant boldness and speak by truth in love and I'll use you as a rescuing mission for those that are hurting and need deliverance. I'll turn your church into a decontamination station and you'll be known for deliverance. But true deliverance, setting the people away from darkness and the devil and from sin and turning them on to me and my glorious light. I speak growth into your ministry, into your heart. Impartation tonight by the Holy Ghost to do and to serve exactly how God desires. Yes, and you'll obey Him in it in Jesus' name.

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