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Exposing Satan's schemes
How to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

In this popular series, Pastor Tom Terry reveals through the Word of God and over 30 years of ministry experience how Witchcraft influences us and attacks the church. Exposing Satan's Schemes will show you how the devil deceives you and works against the church through discord and other "schemes." If you have been naive about this subject let this teaching change your life!

covenant relationships

Did you know that God has specific people in your life that are connected to you fulfilling your destiny? Find out what the bible says about the importance of your relationship with your pastor, family, friends and even yourself. Renew your mind to the Word of God in this teaching and learn what the Lord really intended for the relationships in your life.

divine healing, health & life
Did you know it is God's will for us to receive healing, keep our healing and walk in divine health? He wants us to experience His divine life where we do not even get sick! In this 11-part series Pastor Tom Terry teaches from the Word and from experience to show us how to apply God's Word to our lives so that we can learn to walk in divine healing, health & life!

Success in Life and Business - Audio Only
This great series is relevant to all! Success in Life & Business will show you how to apply principles found in God's Word that will position you to succeed in all you do! God wants us to succeed and prosper - find out how in this 6-part series. Motivational and life-changing!

Walking in the Blessings of Psalm 91 - Audio Only
If God's angels have been assigned to protect us, then why is it that so many Christians have terrible accidents, suffer tragedies of some sort, and seem to live in this cycle? Yet some believers tread in dangerous places, work for God for years, travel all the time, and seem immune to sickness, accidents, tragedies, and early death? Walking in the Blessings of Psalm 91 directs us to the Word of God for answers!

Opening the Door to the Supernatural in Your Life - Audio Only
In this awesome and wonderful 4-part series Pastor Tom teaches on the awesome experience of being baptized in the Holy Ghost and the results that come with it. Join these powerful services as many have received these life-changing truths. You shall receive power from on high.

Different Levels of Leadership - Audio Only
Every Christian is called to be a leader on some level. In this awesome 2-part teaching, Tom Terry explains what it really means to answer the call and grow as the leader God has called you to be. Great for all Christians, but especially for those who are looking to reach their full potential in the gifts God has given them!

Discerning the Lord's Body - Audio Only
Have you ever noticed that there are many among us, (Christians) that are weak, sick, or have gone home to be with the Lord before their time? (1 Cor. 11:29-30) In this revealing 7-part teaching by Tom Terry, we find out from the Word why this is. Find out what it means to discern the Lords' body!

Waking the Dead - Audio Only
These revival services are filled with the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost. Come into these legendary, live, revival, Holy-Ghost type meetings of Pastor Tom. You will laugh, weep, cry, repent, get restored and be refreshed!

Study to be Quiet - Audio Only
Most folks talk way too much! In this humorous, powerful, and important teaching, Pastor Tom gives insight about the power of words. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Study to be Quiet will change your life!

How to Find Your Ministry - Audio Only
Did you know that every believer has a ministry, act, function, or office? That's what the scripture says. Ask yourself this question: Do I know my purpose and function in the Body of Christ? Am I truly functioning there? This 8-part series will show you how. An absolute must for all believers. Remember, to be totally fulfilled in your Christian life, you must find your function.

Just Let the Roast Burn - Audio Only
You will laugh, cry, shout, and sing as you listen to these classic revival services by Pastor Tom. He delivers four of his most inspirational and classic services; Wild, holy, and anointed!

How to Relate to Your Pastor - Audio Only
Many church folks can be judgmental or misunderstanding of the men or women of God in their lives, simply because they do not understand where he or she is coming from. This 4-part series will help you, as a Christian, be able to relate and connect with your pastor or leader, bridging any gaps that are keeping you from receiving all that you can from him or her; a vital part of fulfilling your destiny!

How to Build a Strong Church - Audio Only
This 2-part series is for every Christian. We all have a part to play in building a strong church - because WE are the church! The principles discussed in this leadership teaching are vital for every believer to hear. As you listen you will find what adjustments need to be made to be the Glorious Church God has called us to be!

7 raptures of the bible - Audio Only
In this intriguing 5-part series, Pastor Thomas Terry studies the 7 raptures recorded in the Bible. Beginning in the Old Testament and finishing with the future events recorded in Revelation, you will be led on a detailed account of all 7 raptures. So sit back, listen and hold on to your seat!

building a spiritual house - Audio Only
The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 2:5 that as Christians we are being built as a spiritual house. What "building blocks" does God use? What part do we have in this? How do we insure that we are building a strong, spiritual foundation in our lives? Find out in this revealing 5-part teaching by Pastor Thomas Terry!

Slam the Door on the Devil - Audio Only
This 6-part series will teach you how to break free and stay free from demonic influence. Thomas Terry reveals through the Word of God how people open the door to the devil, and how you can slam those doors! In these life-changing sessions many strongholds were torn down in people's lives as they received revelation knowledge. You will not be the same after hearing these priceless teachings and learn how to keep the devil out of your life!

gifts of the holy spirit
See and hear Pastor Tom teach and preach on the gifts of the Holy Spirit in word and demonstration in these services! Priceless teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as tongues and interpretation, prophecy, gifts of healing, working of miracles, special faith, words of knowledge, words of wisdom and discerning of spirits. These messages include teaching from God's Word, stories from personal ministry experience, and the gifts of the Spirit in operation throughout the services. Great for all Christians, and especially for those called to and in the ministry!

Striking at the Heart of Darkness: Introduction to Sorcery from a Biblical Standpoint - Audio Only
An introduction to the roots of sorcery and the occult world - and what the Word of God says about it! We must have an understanding of how the enemy works through sorcery and the occult world so that we, as the Church, can strike at the heart of Evil. We must stop their prayers and influence so that a Spirit of revival will prevail!

how to be led by the holy spirit
In a day and age where we need to make sure we are hearing from God on decisions that we make in our lives, our families, at our jobs etc., teaching like this is vital! Learn the important, yet simple principles on how you can be led by the Holy Spirit!

Last Days Church
The days we're living in are dark and even seem hopeless at times, but the future of the church is bright in God's sovereign plan! In this encouraging teaching, learn what God's Word says about His glorious, powerful, miracle-working, last days church! This is our finest hour!

Living in the last of the last days
Living in the days we're in is not easy! What tools do we need to survive and thrive as Christians in these last days? Learn how we can endure hardness and overcome trials and tribulations as the days get darker and we wait for Jesus' return!

Protection Promises - Audio Only
This 2-part series is composed of numerous scriptures on God's protection promises for His children! Pastor Tom Terry reads from different versions of the Word of God. Download or listen right now to these powerful scriptures and build your faith in His protection promises for you! "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

classic revival favorites - Audio Only
This collection has eight of the most popular revival services Pastor Tom has ever done. You will laugh and laugh, and laugh some more listening to these awesome, joy-filled, Spirit-filled services. The outbreak of joy is a trademark in Pastor Tom & Stella's Holy Ghost meetings, and these are some of the classics!

Are You A True Sheep or Just A Believer? - Audio Only
Jesus said in His Word that His sheep hear his voice. (John 10:27) Why didn't He say all believer hear His voice? Thomas Terry will take you through the scriptures in this revealing teaching to have you ask yourself a question; Am I a true sheep, or just a believer?

How to Have a Fulfilled Sex Life - Audio Only
RATED R - By old-time, close-line, Pentecostals for embarrassing words that most Christians don't use and graphic bedroom activities that most Christians don't talk about. A lot of good, old-fashioned wisdom that causes some to blush and others to cover their faces while giggling under their breath. Listen to in small quantities.

CAUTION: Some of the content in these messages is not appropriate for children - intended for those who are married (by that we mean one man and one woman). May cause more cold showers than a New York City power outage in July.

so...You want to get married do you? - Audio Only
At last! Some clear, biblically based, powerful teaching for those who desire to be married or are preparing for marriage. The overall divorce rate is the same in the church as it is in the world, about 50%. Pastor Tom exposes why this is so and how you can see to it that you do all you can to prepare yourself for marriage. This one is an absolute must for every person desiring to be married. A caution here: Some of this material may not be suitable for those under 18.

breaking free from bad habits
This life-changing series will give you the opportunity to be set free from bad habits such as pornography, drugs, alcohol, etc., that have had our society, and even the church world, bound up. See how you can be set free and stay free from bad habits!

confession is made unto salvation
The power confession has in your life, as a Christian, is unlocked in this teaching series by Thomas Terry. We become born-again by confessing Jesus as our Lord; what other promises of God can we receive by our confession of God's Word? Find out in this powerful series!

leadership in crisis
In this vital message for the last days church, Thomas Terry deals with the root issues causing the leadership crisis in the world and church world today. This series will answer questions that you may have concerning what is wrong and how we can correct it. As he teaches, you will take a look at Jesus' example of leadership and how He led His people. Every believer must hear this no-holds-barred message.

The missing link
The Missing Link is a series not to be missed! Thomas Terry teaches about the vital importance of the gift of other tongues to be successful in our daily lives. Learn how to walk on an all-new level in your Christian life when you link up with the Holy Spirit. That link is the gift of speaking in tongues! Receive a new revelation of this truth in this life changing series!

origins of Satan's kingdom
In The Origin of Satan's Kingdom, Pastor Tom Terry delves into various topics such as the fall of Lucifer, Nephilim, the Antichrist, occultism and demon activity. This extremely intriguing series will answer some questions as well as get you thinking!

Seed Beds of Rebellion - Audio Only
This series is a must for all believers today. The information contained in this series will expose how Satan attacks believers to draw them into deception and rebellion so that a person who starts out good ends up bad; instead of bearing good fruit for God's kingdom, ends up sowing bad seeds of offense, strife, division and deception into the church world. If every believer would listen to this series and apply the principles within, there would be no dissention or church splits in the Body of Christ. This series is very revelatory, enlightening and especially prevalent in this day and age.


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Army of the Lord
"Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand"; (Joel 2:1) Surely we are living in the last days, and the day of the Lord is near! But what does that mean for you as a Christian? In this book, Thomas Terry will take you verse-by-verse through the book of Joel and give you a prophetic look at what is in store for the Body of Christ, as the last days Army of the Lord. As the world is getting darker, be encouraged by what the Word of God tells us is in store for His Church!

Currently unavailable for order


Don't Get Bit by the Viper

John states in 1 John 2:18 that there are many antichrists, which is how we know it is the last time. "Don�t Get Bit by the Viper" will reveal to us how the enemy of our souls comes against the anointing of God and His church with the antichrist spirit. You will learn what the antichrist spirit is, and how even Christians can be influenced by it. We believe this book will destroy strongholds and set people free from the religious, antichrist spirits that try to hold the Body of Christ in bondage. Let the scriptures and teaching in this book expose the wiles of the enemy in your life, so you don't get bit by the viper!

Currently unavailable for order

ALSO available!!!
Don't Get Bit by the Viper

E-Book / instant download
This same great book is now available for immediate download to your computer. Enjoy the teachings without the wait.

Price $5.50


The Rise of the Glorious Church
Powerful Follow-up to Pastor Thomas Terry's First Book!

The Church in these last days will be the most awesome, victorious Church ever! Before Jesus returns, we will see the Body of Christ rise with integrity, character, and mighty signs and wonders - that He might present to Himself a glorious Church!

Price $11.95


The Importance of the Local Church
Except for the Bible, This Could Be the Most Important Book You�ll Ever Read

In his first major book, well known Bible teacher and pastor, Thomas Terry, issues a no-holds-barred manual on the importance of the local church in these last days.

In this long-neglected subject, Pastor Tom covers in detail:

The Power of Fellowship
The Law of Impartation
Angelic Powers at Work
Satan�s Greatest Deception
The Biblical Way to Choose a Church Home

Price $14.95

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