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Faith Alive Fellowship believes that everything listed here is totally and without question only because of the goodness and awesomeness of our precious Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the precious Holy Spirit. We know that no man can do miracles by himself. It is only by the anointing of God, sweet manifestations of the Holy Ghost, gifts of the Spirit, and the preaching and teaching of God's Word that all combines for signs and wonders.

We want to make sure and are very careful that glory only goes to God from whom all blessings flow. He can save, heal, deliver and set free if we can somehow participate in God's grace flowing through us in miracle working power. How blessed and honored we are. To God be all the glory!

Stomach Healed

Years of stomach pains go missing after the prayer of a righteous man.

I had a hiking accident in February

When a hiking accident left B.L. of Nevada hearing impaired with bad reports of going to permanently loose hearing, God had the final say on healing!

I Had An Infection

Erik from Reno had a terrible infection, Epeditimitis. Days after being prayed for Erik was completely healed!

Norma Stern's Testimony

Have you ever seen those crazy preachers praying for people, saying 'God is healing you and will continue to heal you at home' after they don't get instantly healed?

I twisted my right arm

Anonymous twisted their sholder and within minutes of prayer, they could raise their arm again Glory to God!

Todd's Testimony

Exorcisms are intense, but The Holy Ghost and a pastor can take care of the problem in seconds!

Denise Elwood's Testimony

Praise God! Miss Elwood was set free from fear the moment Pastor Tom prayed for her

I was told by the doctors

Women without overies gives birth to multiple children!

I went up for prayer for my 5-year-old son

A mother in search oh help finds it by a miracle of the Holy Ghost, praise and glory to Jesus!

Ever since I understood the importance

Tithing and giving is more than just a legalistic old testament comandment, it is a principle in which J. Woods of Nevada saw God bless them through!

I had grown up in a Jewish home

In a world of witchcraft and powers, including telekinesis and exploding objects J finds truth and freedom through Jesus!

I used to walk closely with God

Fortune reader via rock and bone rivenes who became depressed and suicidal burns their witchcraft things and the power of God delivers and restores shortly after...

Erick Lusk's Testimony

Sometimes all it takes is a word of knowledge from God to quite smoking without all the withdrawls

Koors' Testimony

Genuine love leads to the local party folks being set free from the addiction to alcohol and all the health issues that came with the lifestyle!

Mary Martin's Testimony

You ever wonder if there was more to life? Stairing blankly out the window, depressed, watching life pass you by?

Lung Troubles

A word from God was all Kate needed! Born with lungs to small and living out of breath all the time, one Sunday everything changed.

I have been troubled by a sinus condition

J. suffered a sinus condition for years until they learned that Jesus bore all sickness and disease on the cross for us

Norma L. Stepp's Testimony

God cares abour your heart, and that is more than just your innermost being. Jesus gave Norma a new heart valve, without the surgery.

Stephanie Soucek's Testimony

There was something different about her sister that Stephanie had not seen in her growing up at home... Her life would never be the same again

Marlie's Testimony

Week long migraine headache? Don't be afraid to come to church, it might go away forever!

Deliverance from Demonic Powers

It's dangerous to go to the wrong church as Ivy unfortunately learned while attending a New Age meeting. However, getting into the right church changed things.

Margie's Testimony

Do you have problems with Seizures? So did Sunshine, but when a mother brought her in for a prayer, Sunshines life was changed forever

Delbert's Testimony

How do you help the homeless? I'll tell you how to help the homeless, you cast the devil out of them and then minister Christ to them!

May's Testimony

Let May tell you what exactly it means when God said He would supply all your need according to His riches and glory.

My eyesight was starting to detoriate

After a traumatic beating suffered a decade in the past, cataracts began to form. Medically documented in Nevada a womens sight is restored!

Dawn's Testimony

Did you know Jesus came to preach recovery of sight to the blind? Check this testimony out about Dawn and her vision!

Angie's Testimony

There are few things worse then a bummed back. The Holy Ghost is a master chiropracter, he can even grow body parts out!

Jon's Testimony

Multiple Sclerosis was supposed to be the fate of Jon. But Multiple Sclerosis didn't know Jon was about to be subsribed the cure...

A Lifetime of Stuttering Instantly Healed

Your dreams and visions are achievable regardless of the circumstance. God will make a way, even if He has to work a miracle like ending a lifetime of stuttering.

Dorothy Matlock's Testimony

AKA ET, Ethel Thompson began a quest in a wheelchair, crippled and determined to get healed. She faced even death itself in her quest...

My Greatest Testimony is My Salvation

The testimony of a devout Jehovah Witness who asked God for more when they started to feel empty, like something was missing

I've been wanting to share a testimony

Diligence and Prayer for an uncompromising preacher and church in her area, the testimony of Jennifer!

Connie J Burt's Testimony

Did you know... Unforgiveness can lead to stomache ulcers and pancreatic problems? Fortunately for you, Connie found the cure.

Mrs. Wally Jointer Testimony

Do you know someone with Lung cancer? Mrs. Wally Jointer had it and after being prayed for fewer people could answer that question with 'yes.'

Depressed in Markleville

The best way to beat depression and suicide is to find a man of God who will pray the fire of God onto you to burn it off!

God Is Using Your Leadership

Holy Ghost breaks out in the Medocino Valley View Prison Camp.

Linda Lightuer's Testimony

Cronic back pain and pinched nerves? What God did for Linda He can do for you as well!

Wedgeworth's Testimony

From the days of almost homeless to the windows of heaven being opened, The Wedgeworth received a triple increase in their income.

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