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Sturgeon Bay, WI

Dorothy Matlock's Testimony

I, Dorothy Matlock, have received the Holy Ghost by the prayer and laying on of hands of Pastor Tom. I also witnessed healing of Ethel Thompson by the prayer and laying on of hands of Pastor Tom. Hearing was instantly healed, a calcium deposit on the top of the base of her big toe on her right foot started to instantly dissolve. She could get herself up off her chair and walk, and could even lift one foot from the floor while standing on the other foot without aid or holding on to anything. The hump on her upper back disappeared and she cold stand straight. She had been in a wheelchair since March of 1991 and could do none of the above without aid.

Also, healing of a bad heart and all arthritic symptoms healed. Now working in the garden and driving again.

Ethel M. Thompson
Dorothy V. Matlock
Harry Virtue

November 2nd, 1991

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