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Sturgeon Bay, WI

Mary Martin's Testimony

I had been severely depressed off and on all of my life. Even though I had a wonderful husband who loved me and I had received Jesus as my Saviour, I stsill would go through great times of depression. My husband said I would sit for hours and even days and just stare out the window. I couldn't work, cook, or do anything. One day we decided to go to visit another church than the one we were going to. It was a Wednesday night and the Pastor wasn't speaking. Another man, Brother Tom was teaching. The teaching was great and afterward I went up for prayer. When he laid hands on me all I remember is being helped up off the floor later. But I can remember something very ugly that caused that Depression all my life. I could hear cursing in my mind as that depression broke and began to leave. I was totally healed by Jesus' power and have become happy and full of joy and God is blessing me. I never am depressed anymore.

Mary Martin
Seattle, WA

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