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Sturgeon Bay, WI

My Greatest Testimony is My Salvation

First of all, my greatest testimony is my salvation. I had grown up all my life as a Jehovah's Witness. I was faithful to attend that church, but it always seemed empty and missing something. I began to think there was something more, so I thought I might need to try another kind of church. I prayed and asked God to help me find a church where I could learn about Him if this Jehovah's Witness church was not His best for me.

So I opened up the phone book and after one look in the church section, I knew I would need help. There were so many different churches listed. So I prayed for help again. As I did, I turned the page and an ad for one church seemed to pop out at me. It was a church called Whole Word Christian Fellowship. I picked up the phone and called the number and happened to get the pastor. He was so nice and invited me to the next service, a bible study that Wednesday. I decided to go. I began to realize that even though I had attended church all my life, I didn't know anything about God. In fact, I didn't know God at all. After the service I prayed with the pastor and received the real Jesus as Lord and Savior. My life was changed as a great peace came on me for the first time in my life.

Then at church several weeks later I was filled with the Baptism of the Spirit and spoke in tongues. I praise God for this. I also received a wonderful healing. I had an accident 20 years before that had injured my back horribly. I was always in pain and thought my work like was over and that I was going to have to depend on disability. But Pastor Tom prayed for me at church and Jesus totally healed my back. I didn't need medication for pain any longer and haven't been back to the doctor once since the healing. I got a job as a realtor and have began to work. I have been supernaturally blessed financially. He also gave me a perfect husband. I give Jesus all the glory. And thank God for Whole Word and Pastor Tom.

Reno, NV

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